Sunday, November 22, 2009

Radmin 3.4+crack

Radmin viewer adalah software remote control. Dengan sofware ini kita bisa control pc di lan seperti layaknya memainkannya di depan pc yang dikontrol tersebut, menggerakan mouse, keyboar dan semuannya dapat dikendalikan dengan sofware ini. dibawah ini fitur-fitur yang diberikan oleh radmin 3.4 the last version..

• Highest Speed of Work
• Highest Security Level
• Hardware remote control with Intel® AMT support New!
• Full compatibility with Windows 7 New!
• Multi-user Text and Voice Chat
• Multiple monitors support
• User-friendly interface
• Secure "Drag and Drop" file Transfer with "Delta Copy" feature
• Low System Requirements
• Multiple Connections Support
• Free Technical Support

Other Features:
• Compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows XP multiple user sessions.
• Radmin Viewer is compatible with Wine (remote control from Linux machines).
• Fully supports the display of animated and alpha-blended remote computer cursors.
• Mouse wheel support.
• Special keystroke handling and optional Full keyboard control.
• Supports high resolution modes (there is no limit to the maximum display resolution).
• Remote screens can be displayed inside a window or full screen with smooth scaling and the original aspect ratio.
• Multiple monitors support.
• Two-way clipboard transfer with Unicode support.
• Unlimited phonebook for Radmin connections with an explorer-like interface, folders and drag-and-drop support.
• Shortcuts from phonebook records to the desktops listed in those phonebook records.
• Scan to find running Radmin Servers.
• Multilanguage user interface and built-in help.
• Telnet connection mode.
• Shutdown Connection Mode.
• Radmin Server runs only as a service.
• Compatibility with Radmin Server 2.x.
• Five incorrect passwords sequence security delay.
• DNS name and user name info added to the log file.

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